Libertarian Candidates running in the 2018 General Election

Ken Krawchuk- Governor
Kathleen Smith- Lieutenant Governor
Dale Kerns- US Senate

Ken Krawchuk- Governor– Ken K 4 PA


Petition to get Libertarian Ken Krawchuk into the Gubernatorial Debates!

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We, the undersigned, respectfully request that Ken Krawchuk, Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, be included in all debates with the candidates from the two old parties. The voters deserve to hear from Pennsylvania’s third largest party and hear Ken’s message: “You have the right to live your life your way, without interference, provided you respect the rights and property of others.” It’s a message whose time has come!

Ken Krawchuk is a resident of Abington in Montgomery County. He is a 2018 candidate for Governor of PA. He has three daughters and three grandchildren and is a passionate canoeist, backpacker, and railroad enthusiast. Krawchuk is a freelance writer and novelist. His first novel, Atlas Snubbed is a parody sequel to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Ken is also a computer programmer who owns his own IT consulting firm, and also serves as a business architect for the pharmaceutical, insurance, and financial markets.

To read more about Ken Krawchuk and his campaign, please visit his website.

Kathleen Smith- Lieutenant Governor


You can find out more about Kathy, her campaign, and why you should help and volunteer here: or

Dale Kerns- US Senate A New Way for PA


Dale Kerns, a resident of Ridley Township in Delaware County, is on the ballot for US Senate in 2018. He is a devoted family man with a wife, and two young daughters. Kerns is a Project Manager for an Electrical Contractor where he manages construction projects for many blue collar Pennsylvanians. Dale is passionate about volunteerism. His past and current volunteerism includes organizations such as the Little Angels Foundation, Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County, the SPCA, and the Justice Rescue. Volunteerism is a key component of Kerns’ libertarian philosophy.

To read more about Dale Kerns and his campaign, please visit his website.