I moved to York County in 2014. I have been involved in the Libertarian Party on the County, State and National level since 2017. I have previously been elected Vice Chair for two terms and have been elected Chair for two terms. I am in awe of how fast our County Committee has grown and so very proud of all of our Yorkers that have stepped up to fill vital roles.


I am a 1992 graduate from New Oxford High, in New Oxford, PA. Have been married to my lovely wife since 1999. I have been a registered Libertarian since 1992. In my younger days I have been both a professional wrestler and touring rock n roll drummer. In May of 2021, I was a candidate for PA State Senate for District 48. Today, I raise meat and dairy goats on out family farm and work full time as an IT Infrastructure Analyst.

I am a York County native, a 2005 graduate of West York. I got involved in the Libertarian Party back in 2016 during the Johnson/Weld campaign, as an event organizer for the local campaign initiative.  Since then, I have been the Community Organizer and Vice Chair of the York Libertarian Party. I was the State Manager for the Jo Jorgensen 2020 campaign. I am currently the Campaign Manager for Joe Soloski for Governor 2022, Nicole Shultz for Lt Governor 2022, and Tim McMaster for State Senate District 48. On the state level, 
I am on the Membership Committee and have helped plan our Annual State Convention.  I live in Dallastown with my husband and son, and we spend our time helping in the community, school events, and bringing positive change to the county and state. 


I am a York County native who has lived in the area all of my life with the exception of my service in the Submarine Force. I always knew I thought differently than most people when it came to political process and policy. In 2006, a college professor said “you are a Libertarian”, and I haven’t looked back since. I became more actively involved in the party during the last election cycle and I was honored to be elected Secretary for the current term. I am excited to watch the party continue to grow at every level.